JOIN US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Babies, Tots and Children deserve music that inspires intelligence and creativity. Too much Children’s Music is made to sell toys, junk food, mediocrity, or inane costume shows. Kids deserve better than that! For example, as toddlers, European children already hum classical music and jazz standards, as well as current radio pop. We are here to provide something different for young minds, than dancing dinosaurs and songs aimed for the lowest common denominator.

We offer samples of songs that you can hear in the MP3 format, and offer the sale of CDs (and Vinyl LP) of the full edition songs. These selections range from kid-friendly songs to soothing, therapeutic audio for the child environment! See and hear our growing list of offerings from the menu! We are a division of the famous All Texas Music, and are an independent label. If you make Children’s Music, see our Submissions PDF from the menu link!

We are supporters of Intelligent Music Made For Children, at and always welcome new artists wanting to expose material that inspires, motivates and educates. This is a website representing and selling the songs of musical artists who have recorded intelligent music and other audio, specific to the demographic of infants, toddlers and young children. If you record Intelligent Music Made for Kids, see our submissions PDF at

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